"Thank you Noxx for many great products. There is nothing like being able to see your target. What an awesome head lamp and kill light, flawless performance even in temperatures as low as 15 below, also what a value. Thank you once again for a successful hunt." Charlie O., Greensburg, PA

"I am only writing this letter to thank you for an awesome product! I do alot of coyote hunting here in Pennsylvania along with my hunting partner. We hunt quite a few coyote contests here this time of year and always tell guys about your products and how they are top of the line. They are by far the best lights we have ever purchased and we will continue to use them! Keep up the great work and thanks again for an awesome product!" Matt M., Charleroi, PA

"Thank you for getting my order out so quickly.  I am very impressed with the Viper light and Accessory Kit.  The quality and performance exceeded my expectations.  I have owned more expensive lights that did not perform nearly as well as the Viper."  Ken S., Harrisville, NY

"I purchased one of your Noxx Red Daggers, just wanted to let ya know how impressed I am with this light.  I use it as a handheld scanning light and it works great.  The adjustable beam is perfect along with the high low setting for night time predator hunting.  I have already reccomended this light to many friends and strangers on my predator hunting forum.  Awesome light for a great price.  Thanks!!!" Jason M., Tecumseh, MI

"My review of The Adventure III:  I have have to say I love this flashlight I use it at work when I need too. It is very bright even on the low setting, plus I can go from a flood to a spot in a matter of seconds." John D., Rutland, MA

"I just wanted to tell you guys that you make the best light out there hands down, lowest priced, most powerful light on the market...I have your red dagger gun mount predator light and your explorer headlamp which I use for running dogs at night and it beats any $500 mining lamp on the market...your lights just kick A$&!" Bryan L., Hastings, PA

"Just want to let you know that I received the flashlight yesterday and it is working great.  THANKS AGAIN for the quick response and the wonderful customer service." Kevin N., South Williamsport, PA

"I purchased an Adventure II from PA game show and love it.  Ordered a universal light to gun mount from Cabelas and it works great with your light.  Mounted it on my Encore hand gun for varmint hunting and it lights scope up like daylight. Thanks."  Bobby L., Wardensville, WV

"I really like the light I picked up at the sportsman show. I may look at getting one of the headlamps or a strobe version in the future." Chad B., Gettysburg, PA

"These flashlights are great. Cost is great, beam is extremely bright...I LOVE THE LIGHTS!" Jackson W., Mill Hall, PA

"Your lights are just what we've been looking for, something light & bright." Doug Z., Caldwell, WV

"I love your lights, I have 2 of them." Stevie S., Honey Brook, PA

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"Hello I purchased 6 of your rechargable flashlights at the Eastern sports and outdoor show in February.  They work fantastic." Todd S., McKeesport, PA

"What a great product you have!  I am thrilled to see such value at such competitive pricing! (After capsizing my canoe in Maine) I checked my flashlight.  Unbelieveable!  It still worked!  It claimed water resistance.  It proved more. Thanks for such a great product!  I have also discovered that your Adventure Series flashlights work very well on a clear night for star pointing!" Shane C., Elkton, KY

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"I just purchased one of your Adventure IV flashlights. Recieved it yesterday afternoon. Thank you for very prompt shipping and fast delivery. I got to try it out last night coon hunting. IT IS SUPER. I could see the full length of a 220 yard pasture...It has great lasting power on the  cells." John W., Texas

"We live in the bush in PA and use this light every single evening." Jerry M.

"Thanks for the really great light.  Keep up the good work!" Nathan K., Aubrey, TX

"Just saw this light while in Africa and was very impressed.  Our stores carry most major light brands, but Noxx seems superior." Marvin W., Tennessee

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"I am very impressed with your products and I am going to order the head lamp as well, very nice products." Blair B., Michigan

"Just recieved my red dagger predator light and accessory kit.  Mounted it on my gun and took it outdoors after dark. WOW I love the light, how it adjusts from a good walking light to a good shooting light.  Thanks." Frank




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