• Design — Unlike competitor’s designs, our patented sliding head function utilizes the best quality light source available and manufactured by CREE. The photos below speak for themselves.  The sliding head has an easy one hand adjustment, from flood to spotlight.  You can have the brightest light in the worldup close, but the wall of light that it creates does not allow you to view targets down range clearly. Our crisp beam allows you to adjust to the yardage needed while still being able to view the target easily.

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  • Lumens — Lumen ratings are misleading…the patented sliding head function design and downrange capability of all Noxx lights makes lumen ratings irrelevant.  Our light design blows the competition away, outperforming lights of equal size and giving lights five times our size a run for the money!  

  • Size — Our lights are compact and lightweight, half the size of any competitor.

  • Distance — No more “one size fits all” flashlights. The patented sliding head function allows you to adjust our light beam from 10 yards to over 200 yards with one hand.

  • Predator Series — We offer a dedicated red and green light in 3 body styles for the predator hunter. The light source is colored either red or green, without using a distance cutting filter. This creates a very pure colored beam with no white core.

  • Power Source — Our use of convenient, inexpensive alkaline batteries allows you to hunt all night with no need to worry where you’re going to recharge your battery. You can extend the battery life simply by carrying additional sets of batteries with you in the field.  Now, for those of you who use your light everyday and prefer a rechargeable option, we have you covered with the 300 Series, powered by one 18650 battery.  A spare battery is included for the long trips afield.  

  • Headlamp — The ultimate hands free light, available in three beam colors: white, red or green. This body style also has the patented adjustable beam to suit any situation – near or far, out to over 200 yards. Used in conjunction with a scope mounted flashlight, you have the ability to hunt by yourself.

  • Accessory Kit — No need to search for pressure switches and mounts to fit our lights. This kit has everything you need to scope mount your light and complete the perfect predator hunt . For use with our redesigned Adventure II, redesigned Red Dagger and the Green Viper and also with all of the new 300 Series lights.

  • Versatility — Our compact, adjustable lights will make you more successful in any situation afield.